Rack-it 5000/6000 Series Aluminum Pipe Headache Racks

When we began in 1986 it was our goal to create a Rack that was not only high-performing, but versatile and tuned to the needs of each customer. Throughout the years we’ve developed Racks for all kinds of hauling needs, made of different materials with a range of construction styles. Our American Aluminum Headache Racks are rust resistant, with proven durability even in the harsh conditions of wintery roads or salty air. The lighter aluminum frame means you won’t have to ditch reasonable gas mileage for load support, and enables easier on-off installation. All this while still delivering the same load-bearing frame our customers expect from a Rack-it. Whether you’re looking to reduce your gas mileage when heading up the mountain or want the option to remove the Rack during the week, the Aluminum Pipe Rack has it all.

Our 5000/6000 Series Headache Racks were designed to enhance the overall look of your truck while also adding the real cargo protection our customers needed. Whether you’re hauling a surfboard, bike, or wood, the Headache Rack provides anchor support for loads longer than the bed, or lash points for equipment that would otherwise be rolling around when you’re on the move. The 5000 Series offers a basic solution with a solid frame while the 6000 Series adds an expanded metal mesh screen to the durable frame, welded in place to help prevent rear glass damage or breakage. Fully Welded one-piece design delivers maximum strength at a lower weight, all while reducing install time. Offering unmatched strength and stability, our Headache Rack provides a reliable and efficient solution for your lighter loads.

We know performance is all in the details, so we’ve custom designed every Rack for Make, Model and Year-specific fitting. Whether you have long or short bed rails – we’ve designed a Rack for you.


  • A top choice for harsh outdoor applications, the Schedule 40 Aluminum used in our Racks is known for its durability, resistance to corrosion, and high strength-to-weight ratio – a great choice for large, weight bearing products that need to be light.
  • We've built our Racks with heavy duty boat cleat tie-downs: the aluminum cleats are welded to each upright for versatile hauling and security of your load.
  • The aluminum Rack is finished with an industrial grade durable powder coat finish for style and protection from the elements.

Fully welded one-piece construction on the 5000 Series creates a durable frame for leaning long materials or equipment over the cab.

Choose the 6000 Series Aluminum Pipe Headache Rack for a robust expanded metal mesh screen, adding additional protection to the cab from errant gear in the bed.

Our mini applications mount on 10″ bed rails while full-size applications mount on 16″ bed rails.

IMPORTANT: Due to the structural nature of aluminum pipe, the Rack’s overhang cannot exceed 62” in length. All crew cab and extended cab Racks will have an overhang that sits directly above the cab of the vehicle. Whenever an overhang is recessed over the top of the cab, wind noise may occur. Rack-it will provide a wind deflector solution on all aluminum Racks with Crew Cab (4 full doors) and Extended Cab applications. It is important to understand this wind deflector solution will help reduce the wind noise, but may not completely eliminate it.


For California Customers
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Black which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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