If your car’s air conditioning isn’t working like it used to it may be time for service or possibly a repair.

At TE Motorsports we will keep your A/C in top shape so you can depend on it in our wonderful summer months here in North County San Diego.

With most cars today, the manufacturer does recommend an AC service periodically to ensure its proper operation and cooling abilities. If your AC has stopped blowing cool air into the cabin you may be experiencing an AC breakdown of some degree. Many times AC Repairs are not very serious and a regular service and recharge can get you back to normal.

We are specialists in AC Repairs. We know how to effectively and properly diagnose your Air Conditioning problems. A good diagnosis is critical because a wrong assessment could mean a needlessly high repair. We have invested into the training and the equipment to diagnose your AC problems so we recommend the right repairs the first time.

If you’re car’s not keeping you cool, please make an appointment for our technicians to check it out today.

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