Rack-it 2000 Series Forklift Loadable Square Tube Steel Rack

When we combined the robust look of square American steel with the versatility of a Rack designed for both protected rear handloading and side loading via a forklift we created one of the most capable, attractive Racks on the market. Finished with a base primer coat and an additional top coat in gloss black, texture black or white; the powder coat finish comes stock with this premium design. With even less flex than a standard round tube, the square tube construction delivers our strongest Rack yet, with the heavy duty look and lines to suit your truck body and hauling requirements.

Our 2000 Series Forklift Loadable Racks are engineered for the workday, designed with a dropped side bar design, allowing for easy forklift loading on the left or right. Our Fully Welded one-piece design delivers maximum strength while reducing install time and delivering one of the quietest rides on the market. Offering unmatched strength and stability, our Forklift Loadable Rack provides a versatile and efficient solution for any hand and machine loaded materials you need to haul.
We know performance is all in the details, so we’ve custom designed every Rack for Make, Model and Year-specific fitting. Whether you have a standard cab, extended or crew, short bed, long bed – we’ve designed a Rack for you.

Fully welded one-piece construction creates a singular unit support cage over the cargo and cab, providing support for supplies and protection in the event of an accident.

We’ve built our Racks with heavy duty boat cleat tie-downs: the steel cleats are welded to each upright for versatile hauling and safely securing your load.

Our convenient dropped side design allows perfect forklift loading from the left and right side.

Full-length formed angle iron mounting provides unmatched structural support and helps distribute weight evenly on your truck’s bed rail. See our Mega Clamp video below to learn about installation without drill mounting.

Designed with a single drop side bar, these racks can accommodate a wide variety of cross bed and side mount toolboxes.

The swing-away rear bar hinges on the curb side and locks into a catch bracket mounted on the rack, saving time and making sure the rear bar never gets left behind. 

Custom built for each truck, Rack-it conforms to the body lines of the vehicle, eliminating drag and complementing the look of the truck.

Our American Square Steel Tube Rack delivers a bold, robust look to complement the burly aesthetic of today’s trucks.

We use only Schedule 10 American steel, durable and thicker than our competitors. It resists bending, denting and flexing.

For California Customers
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Black which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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