Our ZBROZ HD PRO MAX A-arm Kit for the Can-Am Maverick X3 64” & 72” models takes strength to the next level. It was built to take on extreme mountain trails, rock crawling, and desert/dune rally action. Providing Maximum Ground Clearance designs that give you the added advantage of adding larger wheels and tires and allows you to drive over those a-arm snagging obstacles while still protecting your front axles.



  • Built with a larger 1.5" Diameter DOM steel tube, 1/2” bigger than the HD Pro Series, our ZBROZ HD PRO MAX high clearance a-arms will take you anywhere you want to go! All joints are precision Tig welded at every connection and crossbar point to ensure strength and quality. All pivot points have pre-installed Brass Bushings and grease zerks to last longer than stock with all the abuse of off-road driving.  
    Our HD PRO MAX Maximum Ground Clearance design gives you the added advantage to drive over those a-arm snagging obstacles while still protecting your front axles. ZBROZ was the original innovator of the Maximum Ground Clearance A-Arm design for ATVs and Snowmobile A-Arms since 2002. 
    Looking to run larger tires? Our +2" Forward Design allows for larger tires which are key for mountain trail, rock crawling, and high-speed desert/dune racing. Easily fits 30" to 33" tall tires without modification or fender trimming by simply installing this A-Arm Kit. Our +2 forward design extends your wheelbase forward 2 inches without changing steering geometry and remaining within all OEM steering component specs. 
    The Upper A-Arms feature our Camber Adjustable Heim Joints that allows you to fine-tune the camber and Caster settings on your Turbo S. All Camber Adjustable A-Arm Kits are shipped with a negative 1-degree camber. Exactly what you need for serious mountain trail, rock crawling, and desert/dune riding. This Camber Adjustable feature allows total adjustment so that you can fine-tune the camber on each side 
    Our ball joint housing specs are compatible with OEM and most aftermarket ball joints. We offer pre-installed ball joints using our signature Titan Series Heavy Duty Ball Joints for the Lower A-Arms. And Titan Series Reverse Load Heavy Duty Upper Ball Joints for the Upper A-Arms. *When installing, you will reuse the OEM Upper Pivot Caps/and Pivot Shaft, and OEM Lower Pivot Caps and OEM Lower Pivot Shafts. 
    Easy to install with a jack or lift in your driveway or garage with basic tools. 

    Features Include: 
    • Stronger than OEM 
    • Camber and Castor Adjustable (Upper A-Arms Only) 
    • Teflon Lined Heavy Duty Heim Joints 
    • Pre-Installed Bushings and Grease Zerks 
    • Compatible with OEM sway bars and ball joints


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